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Tape Transfers from Analog to Digital Format

The Tape Baking Process:

2 track 1/4 inch, 2 track 1/2 inch, 4 track 1/2 inch, 8 track 1/2 inch wav files (no 24 track 2 inch to digital at the present).


Analog tapes that were used over the last 25 years, particularly the 1980's, need to be literally baked in a special oven, before they can be successfully transfered to another format (CD, DAT, or multi-track hard drive systems, like Pro Tools, etc). While conventional wisdom says that only certain years of Ampex tapes have this problem, I've found that practically every tape I transfer could use some baking. If these older tapes are not baked, some will not rewind properly (because of moisture buildup); some will slow down as they are playing; or even worse, any moisture in the tape may cause the tape to stretch, or part of the tape emulsion might literally come off. Since the average moisture in the air (even indoors) is 50% to 60%, you can understand that moisture could build up and could be absorbed by the tape over time.


This baking process costs $50.00. I use an oven that is specifically built for this baking process (not a small incubator oven),

which means that I can get several tapes in the oven at a time, saving you time and money, Minimum charge is $50.00.


Transfers from tape to digital is $50.00 (per tape) for 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch, and $100.00 (per tape) for 2 inch.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.


I also provide transfers from record albums (or acetates) to CD using a Bang Olufsen turntable.

My software can remove most of the clicks, pops, etc from records or noise from old tapes. Decades of professional engineering experience removing noise from recordings is at your service.


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